I. Answer the following questions.

1. Has camping always been popular with adults?

2. Did adults consider camping a good or poor way of spending a holiday?

3. What sudden discovery did adults make about camping?

4. Does camping always mean having to put up with many discomforts?

5. What facilities are provided for campers now?

6. Does camping have much to offer?

7. Are there any comforts at modern camp sites?

8. Why do people prefer a camp site to a hotel?

9. What makes spending a night beside a clear stream so romantic?

10. Camping provides you with a real change, doesn't it?

11. What's the essence of true recreation and enjoyment?

II I. Answer the following questions.. Read the following words, paying attention to the pronunciation of these words.

Sophisticated, mosquito, suffocate, pursuit, miraculously, portable, surly, conversely, tedious, enormous, essence, headache.

III. Give Russian equivalents to the following words and word combination.

Hard-up students; sophisticated; to suffocate or freeze; to whisk away; for a modest outlay; insulated tent; to enjoy absolute freedom; tremendous mobility; conversely; to put up a tent; surly; to mope around; to hump great weights; tedious; to adopt a completely different way of life; essence.

IV. Give synonyms to the following words:

To discover, to suffocate, outlay, tremendous, conversely, adult, modest comfortable I. Answer the following questions., to want, to offer.

V. Form antonyms with the help of negative prefixes:

Comfort; sophisticated; modest; comfortable; attractive; active.

VI. Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.

1. to ramble a.a way planned or followed from one place to


2. hardship b.a place where people stay in tents on holiday;

3. route c.go for a long walk in the countryside;

4. to trek d.great difficulties, problems;

5. camp e.go on a long and difficult journey, especially on


VII. Agree or disagree with the following statements using appropriate phrases.

1. The adults have at last I. Answer the following questions. discovered that the boy scouts have been on to a bad thing all these years.

2. For a modest outlay, you have a comfortable, insulated tent.

3. The portable furniture is light and comfortable.

4. You see, camping hasn't so much to offer.

5. For a large sum you can enjoy comforts which few hotels can provide.

6. Low-cost holidays make camping an attractive proposition.

7. And there is sheer fun of it — especially if you haven't a family.

8. You are active all the time and you are always close to nature.

9. Nothing is nice and peaceful.

10. Camping provides you with I. Answer the following questions. a real change for everyday life.

Документ I. Answer the following questions.